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What is the proposed list of MyDesktop applications for the new academic year?

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Article SummaryStaff and faculty have the opportunity to review the proposed list of MyDesktop applications for the upcoming academic year.
Each year, ITS provides a list of  proposed software to the Academic Chairs and Faculty.  

If additional software is required on lab computers or on the MyDesktop VDI – Virtual Lab images, please follow the steps below:

1.    Review – Review the proposed software list  (attached to this page) to determine if software you require is missing from the list.  Please do not assume that the same version or even most basic software will be in a room, even if what you want was there last semester. Please always include everything you need in the labs or
2.    Request - If software is missing from the list, submit the request directly to your coordinator or chair. Please include as much information about the software as possible including: specific software version, license information, expected lifecycle of the software, and any purchased support plan and as well Room/Lab where that software needs to be installed.
3.    Submit approval - Your chair or coordinator will collect these requests, and submit the approved software request tickets to ITS. These requests can be submitted by emailing ITS Service Desk at or by phone: 613-727-4723 ext. 5555. The case will be created with ITS to track your request. 

Faculty should be aware that if you are requesting software at the last minute, your request may not be possible. If ITS is able to accommodate your request, it may likely involve an added cost to your department - you and your department Chair will be contacted to discuss this additional cost.

Note: If the default image for a classroom or lab already has a program that performs the same tasks as the software you are requesting, your request may not be approved. If there are special circumstances, please include them in the software request form.




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