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MyDesktop doesn't work with my browser. What are my alternatives?

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Article SummaryThis article explains the alternatives to the HTML Browser option for MyDesktop.
This article is intended for all students and staff at all campuses.
The alternative to using a browser is to use the Viewing Client option. The client is software you download from VMware that allows you to connect directly to MyDesktop without using your browser. Using this method you don't have the issues listed above with the HTML Browser option.

To install the VMware Horizon View Client - Windows

  1. Go to . Note: This requires you to be on campus or connected via VPN, for help see What is VPN?
  2. You are presented with two options. Select Install VMware Horizon View Client on the left.
On the Download VMware Horizon View Clients page VMware Horizon View Client is available for MAC OS, iOS, Android, and Windows.
  1. Go to VMware Horizon View Client for Windows section and select Go to Downloads for either 32-bit or 64-bit Windows as your computer requires. For help deciding, see How do I know if I have 32-bit or 64-bit Windows?
  2. In the section titled Product/Details, select the Download button.
  3. When prompted, select Run.
  4. Select Next, accept the terms, then select Next, and select Next again.
  5. On the Default Connection Server screen, enter as the Default View Connection Server.
  6. On the Enhance Single Sign On screen, select Next.
  7. On the Configure Shortcuts screen, ensure Desktop is selected, then select Next.
  8. Select Install and then select Finish once the installation is complete.
  9. Save your work, and restart your computer.

Now when you connect to MyDesktop, select the VMware icon on your desktop, and select the MyDesktop connection. If you are off-campus you will need to connect to the Secure Portal before starting VMware.
This method will avoid any browser issues or limitations when connecting to MyDesktop.
Note: If these steps are a bit confusing, try the PDF attached to this article.




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