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Join A Meeting in a ZoomRoom when You Have a Meeting ID

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Article SummaryThe article explains the procedure to start a meeting in the conference room when you already have a Meeting ID. This option allows you to connect to an existing pre-booked meeting as a participant with a provided Meeting ID.

Join A Meeting When You Have a Meeting ID

Use this procedure to start a meeting in the conference room when you already have a Meeting ID. This option allows you to connect to an existing pre-booked meeting as a participant with a provided Meeting ID.
Please see the following articled for information on: How to create a Zoom Account

Procedure Steps

1    If you already have a meeting ID, select Join from the Zoom console sidebar icons and enter the Meeting ID using the keypad.
Screenshot of keypad with the meeting id typed in

2    Select the Join button (the blue button with the checkmark) from the bottom right corner of the keypad.
You have joined the meeting. The conference room presentation screen will display a view of the conference room. The Zoom console displays the meeting controls.
Screenshot of meeting controls
Meeting Volume is controlled using the Volume slider at the bottom right of the screen.

Mute Audio or Stop Conference Room Video

3    To mute all audio for the meeting room you are in, select Mute

The Mute icon will toggle to show Unmute.

4    To stop sharing the conference room view on the presentation screen, select Stop Video

Once the video stops, the conference room presentation screen displays the AC (Algonquin College) logo.

Share Your Content on the Conference Room Screen

5    To share your screen, select Share Content or Camera. The Zoom console displays the connection information needed to connect to the meeting.

Screenshot of meeting information

6    Follow the instructions in the Meeting Information screen to join the meeting and share your content.

View Meeting Participants

7    You can view a list of all the meeting participants using the Participants button. The Participant’s screen also gives you the ability to Mute All, or Unmute All participants. Additional controls are available from the More… popup menu.

screenshot of the list of participants

Invite Additional Participants

You can invite additional participants using their contact information, email, or phone number using the Invite button. When you select Invite, the Invite screen opens. An example of the Invite screen with the Invite by Email option selected is shown below.

Screenshot of the invite by email

8    From the Invite screen you can:

  • Select Invite by Contacts from the top of the screen. To invite by contact, search for a contact, then select the contact and select the Invite button.
  • Select Invite by Email from the top of the screen, enter the email address, and select Send Invitation. An invitation with the meeting ID and connection information is sent.
  • Select Invite by Phone from the top of the screen. On the dialpad that appears, dial the phone number of the person you want to invite. Select the green phone icon to dial the number and connect the person.

Leave the Meeting

9    To leave the meeting, select the orange Leave button. A popup appears giving you the option to End the meeting, Leave the meeting, or to Cancel and go back to the meeting. 

Note: Use Leave if you are not the host. The meeting will continue with the host and other participants.  Use End if you are hosting the meeting or if host control was handed to you during the meeting. Using End when you are the host immediately ends the meeting for all participants. Using End when you are not the host is the same as using Leave.
Screenshot of options to end meeting

10    To leave the meeting, select Leave

A popup window asking for feedback on your experience using the Zoom console opens.
screenshot of feedback options

11    Select the thumbs up or thumbs down icon to provide feedback on the zoom system. Or select Not my meeting, exit feedback screen to exit the meeting without providing feedback. 

Note: If you do nothing the feedback screen closes after 20 seconds. If you select thumbs down, you will have the option of providing more detailed feedback.




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