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I want to connect my laptop or tablet to the wireless network. What should I do first?

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Article SummaryThis article suggests how to prepare your computer to connect to the Algonquin College wireless network.
This article applies to students at all campuses.

Before configuring your device for AC wireless

  1. Apply all updates to your operating system, virus programs, and network card driver.
On Windows, make sure all your Windows updates have been completed. For help, see How can I tell if my Windows is up to date?
On Mac OS make sure you have the latest revision of your operating system (currently 10.12).
  1. Review instructions and videos on how to setup wireless on your laptop or tablet. You can search here at the ITS Help Center for help on your specific device or operating system.
  2. Make sure you can access your college network account. Students can obtain their network account information by logging into ACSIS. 
  3. Log into a college system such as email or Brightspace before you try to set up wireless (within 10 minutes) to test your network account. If your account does not work, you will not be able to connect to wireless and you should contact ITS to troubleshoot this problem before continuing - How to contact ITS. Note: You cannot use ACSIS for this.
When you are ready to connect to wireless, follow the the instructions for ACSecure - How do I connect to the ACSecure wifi network?



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