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I can't log into ACSAS. What can I do?

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Article SummaryIs your network account working? Are you using the correct URL? Have you been added to the ACSAS system?
There are only a few things to check when you are trying to log into ACSAS.
  • Is your college network account working? To check this, see if you can log into your email or log onto the college network. If you can, then your account is OK. If not, contact ITS for help.
  • Are you using the correct link to ACSAS? If you are on campus you can access ACSAS using the link If you are off campus, you must connect to VPN to access it. If these links don't work, contact ITS as there may be an outage.
  • Did the ACSAS Supervisor add you to the system? If you are new, you may not have an account on ACSAS yet. Have your manager request that the ACSAS Supervisor add you to the system.

For more on ACSAS, see What is ACSAS?

If you have any difficulties, please contact ITS - How can I contact ITS?




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