How to schedule Zoom meetings

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Article SummaryThis article is intended for Algonquin College staff and faculty.
Zoom offers the following options for scheduling meetings
  1. Directly from Outlook using the plug-in
  2. Using the Zoom client app
  3. From the web portal
For information on scheduling for someone else, please see

Scheduling meetings from Outlook 

1.    Download the Outlook Plug-in from 
2.    Install the plug-in and restart Outlook

You will see two new icons in your inbox and Outlook Calendar

zoom outlook plugin

3. Click "Schedule a Meeting"
outlook plug-in schedule screen

4. Choose all of the applicable options and click Continue

outlook invite

5. Select attendees from your contacts, address book or enter email addresses manually
6. Send the invitation.

The meeting will appear in your calendar where you can open it and change settings, contact or add attendees.

Scheduling meetings using the Zoom client app

  1. Download the Zoom client app from 
  2. Open the app and sign into Zoom
  3. Click on Schedule icon
schedule meeting icon
schedule screen

4. Select the meeting options and click "Schedule" to finish.
Open the selected calendar service to add the meeting.
If you are scheduling a recurring meeting, you will need to set the recurrence in your calendar service.

Scheduling meetings from the Zoom web portal

  1. Log into the portal at
  2. Click "Meetings" and select "Schedule a Meeting"
  3. Select the meeting options and click "Save" to finish.
Once finished, you can either select a calendar option to add the scheduled meeting to your calendar or select  "Copy The Invitation" to send out the invitation to your Zoom meeting. 
"Copy the Invitation" will open up a window where you can copy the full invitation to send out via email. 



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