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How do new students get a network account?

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Article SummaryThis article explains the student network account creation and activation process.
This article is intended for all students at all campuses.

What is my network account?

Your Algonquin College network account is used to access almost all college digital services including the LMS (Brightspace), student email, network and wifi on campus (ACSecure), printing, eTextbooks, and BYOD software. Note it is NOT used for ACSIS, see What is ACSIS?

Your network username is a unique combination of 4 letters (from the start of your last name) and 4 numbers. For example if your name is Pat Smith, your username may be smit1234

When you register for a course or program at Algonquin College that requires network access, a network account is created for you within 72 hours of confirming your registration with the Registrar's Office.  




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