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How do I view my time-off balances in Workday?

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In Workday, Vacation and Sick Days are called “Time Off.”

Time Off balances and requests can be viewed, submitted, and revised in Workday.

Note: When checking available time off, it is always as of a certain date. This is because your time off is always accruing or adding up over time.

To view time off

1. Go to your Homepage and select the Time Off application.

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2. On the Time Off dashboard, you can select to see:
  • My Time Off - This refers to existing Time Off requests, either pending or approved.
  • Time Off Balance - This refers to the remaining time off you are entitled to; vacation and sick days that have already been used are subtracted from this total.
  • Time off results by period - This shows you the number of sick or vacation days you have taken in a period
3. To see your Time Off Balance:
1. Select the Time Off Balance button.

2. On the next page, select the As Of date. This is the date for the “snapshot” of your available time off.

3. When done Select the OK button.

4. Your time off (sick days, time off in lieu, and vacation days) will be displayed in Balances Tracked in Hours, as shown below.
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