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How do I troubleshoot Cisco Any Connect Mobilty VPN client?

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Article SummaryThis article lists some things to troubleshoot if VPN connections are not working.
This article applies to students, faculty, and staff at all campuses.

If you can't connect with VPN, check the following things.

  • Are you off campus? – You must be off-campus and not connected to the college with another connection method (such as the secure portal) to use VPN.
  • Is Cisco AnyConnect installed on your system? - For help installing it, see How do I install Cisco AnyConnect?
  • Does the Connect To: field read ? - This address may need to be typed in manually the first time you connect.
  • Are you using your College username and password? – You do NOT need to use woodroffe\ with your user name.
  • Is in your trusted sites list? - If you're not sure, for help see How do I add a secure site to my list of trusted sites?
  • If you have a firewall or wireless router, does it is allow the AnyConnect mobility client access to the internet? - These security devices on your home network may be blocking the VPN connection. Also contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) if problems persist.
  • Are you using your VPN eGridcard correctly? – You need to enter the requested characters from your eGrid card to use the College VPN.

If you attempt to connect with AnyConnect and there are updates to download (including a new version), the updates should automatically download and install. If AnyConnect is checking for updates for a long time, your version may be out of date and having problems. A new install from the Secure Portal should fix it - How do I install Cisco AnyConnect?
As of 2019, the current version of the AnyConnect VPN client is version 4.5.

Note: If VPN doesn't work for you, you can use the college's Secure Portal to access many services such as your N drive - for a more complete list of IT services that require a secure connection, see What services need a secure connection when I'm off campus?. For help, see How do I connect to Secure Portal?

If you are still having issues, contact ITS for assistance - How to contact ITS. Please be ready to share with the ITS staff member, all of the above steps that you took, and what the outcomes were for each. Please contact us by telephone and not email as VPN troubleshooting requires a live interaction.




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