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How do I set up student email on my iPhone or iPad?

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Article SummarySetting up Algonquin email on an iOS device. Applies to students at all campuses.

To connect to Outlook Online, go to
In addition to these methods, you can use the native mail app on your iPhone or iPad as shown below.

To configure student email on an iPhone or iPad

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Scroll down and select 'Mail. Contacts, Calendars'
  3. Under Accounts, select 'Add Account'
  4. Select Exchange.
  5. Type in your full college e-mail address in the Email field, and type in your current college network password. For Description, you can type whatever you'd like, eg. Algonquin Mail.
  6. The phone may be able to auto-configure the mail settings. If not, it will take you to a manual setup page asking for server and username. In this case, Enter the following in those fields:
    • Server:
    • Username: retype your full college e-mail address
  7. Select 'Next' in the top right corner
  8. The phone will ask you what to sync (Mail, Contacts, Calendars, Reminders). It is your choice what you would like to sync between your mobile device and your college e-mail account.

Your email is configured, and should start arriving in your iOS Mail application.

Note: This procedure requires a strong wireless signal with a fast connection. Without these, you may timeout and have to restart these steps.





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