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How do I set up staff email using Outlook while off campus?

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Article SummaryYou can log into using your college network username and password. This will take you to Outlook Online (Office 365). You can also configure your desktop copy of Outlook.

Note: You can use your browser to access your staff email with Outlook Online (Office 365). To do this go to and enter your college full email address and username. This will take you to Outlook Online to access your email.

Note: No VPN is required for college email now that we have moved to Office 365.

To setup staff email using Outlook off-campus using Outlook 2013

  1. Close all Windows sessions that are open using Algonquin College credentials such as VPN. Otherwise the Outlook auto-discover feature will use those sessions and possibly get the wrong information.
  2. Open Outlook, and select File.
  3. On the Account Information screen, select Add Account.
  4. Enter the requested information:
    • Your Name - as it appears in Workday.
    • E-mail Address - your complete college email address
    • Password and Retype Password - your email and network account password
  5. Select Next.
  • Outlook will go and look for the college mail server using your information. When it finds it, Outlook will complete all the rest of the settings
  1. Select Finish.
Your Algonquin staff email is now configured in Outlook.




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