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How do I save files to OneDrive on my computer?

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Article SummaryOnce OneDrive is installed, saving files is just like saving them to your hard drive.
Microsoft's OneDrive is a convenient way to store files in the cloud and access them from anywhere. For more, see What is OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive) ?

I know how to use OneDrive when I'm logged into Office365 with my browser, but how do I use OneDrive on my local computer? You can replace your N drive with your OneDrive by following the steps below.

To install and configure OneDrive, see How do I install and configure OneDrive on my computer?

Once OneDrive is installed, saving files from your computer to your OneDrive is just like saving files to a normal file folder.
  1. In Windows, open File Explorer (file folder icon).
  2. Browse to where your files are that you want to move to OneDrive.
  3. Select the files by holding down CTRL and clicking on each file.
  4. Right click to get the options menu, and select Copy.
  5. Browse to your OneDrive folder - this should be listed in the menu on the left of your screen, marked with blue cloud icon(s). Note: This is the folder name you selected during the install and configure steps (How do I install and configure OneDrive on my computer?).
  6. Find place you want the files in your OneDrive folder, right click and select Paste.
Note: If you use the files in your OneDrive all the time, you won't need to keep copying the files or updating them. It really saves time!



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