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How do I reset my email, network, or Brightspace password?

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Article SummaryThis article describes the steps required to change your AC network account password.
Before you proceed, please review the College password guidelines, see “What are Algonquin College's minimum password rules?"

Algonquin College staff who are working remotely using college computers are encouraged to connect to VPN and use Ctrl-Alt-Del to change their password.  Staff who are working on campus can use Ctrl-Alt-Del to update their password on a college computer.

Algonquin College students can change their password using instructions on the following web page:

Important Note: After changing your password, please be sure to update it on all of the devices you use to access college services. Failing to do so may result in your account being blocked.

Staff and contractors who are not using College computers while working remotely can use the following option:

To change your password via LiveAC

Before you start:

  1. If connected, disconnect from the VPN network any device that is logged into the network through the Cisco AnyConnect VPN.
  2. Sign out from all Microsoft Office applications running on any Windows PC, macOS computer, iOS, or Android device. For example, log out of any instance of:
    • Microsoft Office 365 web site on any device that is logged into an Algonquin account
    • Stand-alone Microsoft Office applications on any Microsoft Windows and macOS computers you use (both college-issued or personal)
    • Stand-alone Microsoft Office apps on iOS or Android
1. Sign into your Algonquin email account using your user ID, along with your existing password at

2. Click your profile image the top right and select "My account" then select "Password" from the menu on the left. You will be prompted for your old password, new password, and repeat new password as shown below.
SSPR change password screen

Note: There will not be any confirmation that your password was changed successfully. Once the password is changed, you will return to your profile screen.

To change your password, if forgotten, using SSPR in Office 365

Note: This feature is available for students already registered with the Microsoft Azure SSPR service.
  1. Go to the LiveAC web portal – and select the Forgot your password? link as shown below.
Live AC email login screen with forgot password
  1. Enter your college email address.
  2. Enter the letters you see in the image. If you have difficulties, select the 2 arrow icon to get a new image. Note: This part is not case sensitive.
MS Azure SSPR password reset screen 2
  1. When these 2 fields are completed, select Next.
  2. Next you will be asked to verify your identity by selecting to be contacted at one of your alternate contacts (alternate email, text your mobile phone, call your mobile phone) or answer previously setup security questions.
    • Alternate email – a non-college email address you can be contacted at. During the reset process, an email will be sent to your account, as shown below, and you will be prompted to enter the code from the email.
MS Azure SSPR password reset screen 3
  • Text your mobile phone – the mobile phone number you entered when configuring your account. You will receive a text including a code that you will prompted for to verify your identity
  • Call your mobile phone - the mobile phone number you entered when configuring your account. You will receive a voice call to verify your identity. Note: You must respond quickly to this option as it has a very short timeout. If it times out, just repeat the process.
  • Answer my security questions - you will be prompted to provide answers to security questions that you previously setup on first login to your Live@AC webmail.
  1. After your identity has been verified, you will be prompted to enter a new password. Note: For the college password guidelines, see “What are Algonquin College's minimum password rules?"
  2. You will be asked to confirm the password.
Your network account (and email and Brightspace) password has now been changed!
If you have problems with these steps, please contact ITS for assistance - How can I contact ITS?

Note: No matter if you or ITS resets your password, you can only change it once in a 24 hour period.




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