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How do I print using web printing at the college?

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Article SummaryWeb printing is useful if any of the following apply - you are off campus, you don't have Papercut and print queues installed, or you are using a tablet / cell phone.
The Algonquin College web print portal allows you to use your browser to connect and send a print job to a college printer. You don't need to install software, and you can use the web print portal on your phone or tablet.
Note: Staff can only print to FindMe printers.
Note: If you are not on campus, you must be connected using VPN. For more, see How do I connect to VPN?

If you have Papercut installed on your computer, you can use the web print feature from it as well. For more information on Papercut, see What is PaperCut?

The requirements for web printing are:  WARNING! Do not print password protected PDF files! If you do, it will delay the web print queue. Please use FindMe or direct printing for these files - see How do I print on campus?

To log into web printing

  1. You have 2 choices how to log into Papercut for web printing:
  • To log into the web print website
  1. In your browser, go to
  2. Login with your college network username and password.
  • To log into Papercut on a computer with Papercut installed
  1. In your system tray, right-click to select the Papercut icon as shown below
Staff web printing - system tray icon
  1. Select Details, enter your college network username and password, and select Log In.
Now that you are logged in, let's move on to web printing.

To print a document using web print

  1. From the menu on the left, select Web Print.
  2. In the Web Print window, select Submit a Job.
Staff web printing - Web Print - Submit a Job
  1. On the Print Selection page, choose the direct (specific printer with a room number) or the FindMe print queue to print to. Note: There are colour and Black & White FindMe print queues.
Remember student printers all start with AC, such as ACWoodroffe or ACPembroke.
List of printers available on web print
  1. Under Options, select the number of copies you want. Note: Do not select more than 20 copies - each copy creates a new print job for each file you upload, and can result in long wait times for print jobs.
  2. Staff will see Charge to shared account - select your budget code that will be charged for this print job.
Staff web printing - Set copies and budget code
  1. Select Upload Documents to continue.
  1.  Select one or more documents to upload from your computer - you can drag the file(s) from your computer to the grey box, or select the Upload from Computer button to browse and select the files on your computer.
Some things to remember:
  • WARNING! Do not print password protected PDF files! If you do, it will delay the web print queue.
  • You can select up to 100 MB of files maximum. However, keep in mind if you select 5 copies and upload 7 files that will be 35 print jobs and that will result in long wait times for all web print jobs.
  • Only the listed file formats are accepted. File formats not listed will not be accepted. If necessary, most document file formats can be converted to PDF.
  • When you print from a device with a camera, that may be listed an an option to print from.
  • The number of copies you selected applies to each file you upload.
  • There is no option to print a selection of pages from a file. To do that you need to make those changes in your application, re-save and print the new file.
Staff web printing - Upload your files
  1. When you have uploaded your file(s), they will appear in the grey square displaying their file type, file name, and file size. If you upload a file in error, select remove to take it off the upload list. Caution! Remember that the copies you selected apply to each file you upload.
  2. Select Upload & Complete to start the print process.
  3. You will return to the Web Print screen, where it will process your print job for a few seconds (longer if it is large or has lots of graphics and then display your job in the print queue.
Staff web printing - Print job shown in print queue

Note: If you printed to a FindMe queue, you can select Held in queue to find more details about your print job. This will take you to the Jobs Pending Release screen.
Staff web printing - Jobs pending release

  1. When you are done, select Log Out from the bottom of the menu on the left.

Note: If your print job does not print as expected:

  • check in Papercut under Jobs Pending Release if it is ready to print - it may be stuck in the queue and not be ready to print
  • check that the printer you are printing it on works - it may have an error that has halted all jobs from printing - if you suspect this, contact ITS and report it to them to confirm and fix the problem.
  • for all print jobs that appear to not print, contact ITS to report the problem.



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