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How do I install Cisco AnyConnect?

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Article SummaryThis article explains how to install the Anyconnect VPN client.
This article applies to students, faculty, and staff at all campuses.

Note: To connect to either VPN or the Secure portal you cannot use the campus network.
If at any time you are given the chance to select additional features when installing or configuring the AnyConnect VPN client, disable all features except VPN.

How to install Cisco AnyConnect VPN client

  1. Using any browser go to
  2. Log in with your username and password.   Note: Leave the Second Password box blank…
secure login screen
3. Click OK
A second window will now appear and this is where you will now need to use your Entrust E-Grid Card for authentication purposes
Example of Authentication with an Entrust Grid Card
4. With the above example, the Grid Challenge presents the user with coordinates such as E1, G3, and H5
grid challenge screen
5. Use the letter (column) and number (row) combination on the E-Grid Card to locate the characters requested in the challenge and enter them in the screen

entrust screen
6. In this example, the User would  enter the required coordinate’s (D6H) and select continue.  This will now establish a connection to the This is Algonquin College’s  VPN Portal

7. Select AnyConnect  on the left Side

8. From the menu, select Start AnyConnect to automatically install the client using ActiveX or Java.
anyconnect install

Follow the prompts to manually download and install the AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client. Once the client is installed, enter as the server to connect.

connection screen



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