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How do I forget the ACSecure wifi network in Windows 10?

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Article SummaryIf you have trouble connecting to ACSecure,you can forget the network and then re-connect using these steps.
This article is for students and staff.

To forget and re-join ACSecure wifi network using Windows 10

First forget ACSecure.
  1. Click the Start Menu (on the lower left of your desktop) Forget Wifi 1
  2. Select Settings Forget Wifi 2
  3. Select Network & Internet > Wi-Fi.
  4. Select Manage Known Networks.
  5. Select ACSecure and then Forget.
  6. Close window.
Now join ACSecure wireless network again.
  1. Select the network icon (located on the bottom right of the screen).                                                                       
  2. Click ACSecure.
  3. Click Connect  then Connect again, when prompted.
Now you can connect to the college ACSecure wireless network with the new connection settings.
Note: Remember, to connect to ACSecure you need to have a college network account.




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