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How do I connect to college wireless in residence?

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Article SummaryWireless in residence is the same as on campus - you can connect to ACSecure or ACGuest if you don't have a network account. Wireless is available in public areas and in rooms.
If you are staying in residence at Woodroffe campus, you have access to the college wireless network from your room!

To access the college wireless network:
  • Students and staff should use their AC username and password to connect to the ACSecure wireless network.
  • Visitors can connect to the ACGuest wireless network.

If you are in your residence room you can also use the wired network: Note:  ACGuest is an open guest network. It is not secure. Algonquin College recommends that to protect your information when using ACGuest, send information only to sites that are fully encrypted, and avoid using mobile apps that require personal or financial information. 



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