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How do I change my legal and / or preferred name in Workday?

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In Workday, you have different name options, including preferred name and legal name. These can be different than the name you have on record with Human Resources which is used for your college network account.

This article explains how to change your legal name, which is used for legal documents such as tax forms and contracts. For more information in the different between your legal name and preferred name, see What is the difference between my name, my Legal name, and my preferred name in Workday?.

To change my legal name in Workday

1. Go to your homepage and select the Personal Information application.

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2. On the personal information dashboard under Change, select Legal Name.
3. The Change My Legal Name page states your current legal name at the top of the page.
4. You can enter or change the following information on this page. Note: All these fields are required (marked with a red star) unless noted as optional.
  • Effective Date – Use the calendar icon to select the date the legal name took effect.
  • Country – Select the country where the name change took place.
  • Prefix – (optional) Select the prefix used to address you. For example Dr. or Mr. or Mrs.
  • First Name – Enter your full legal first name.
  • Middle Name – (optional) Enter your middle name or names in this field. If you have multiple middle names, you can enter them here.
  • Last Name – Enter your full legal last name.
5. Optionally, add supporting comments if you decide they will clarify anything regarding your name change.
6. Attach document(s) supporting your name change. Note: These documents must match your first and last name entered above or your request will not be approved.
7. Select one of the following:
  • Submit – When you have entered all your information, and checked that it is correct, press Submit to send your requested name change for approval.
  • Save for later – If you cannot complete the process at this time, select Save for Later to ensure information you entered is saved. You can return at a later date to complete and submit.
  • Cancel – Select Cancel to exit this page without saving your changes. Any information you entered will be deleted.
Once submitted, Human Resources must approve the request. Once approved, your legal name will be changed in Workday and will apply to all legal documents and processes in the system.

To change your preferred name

Your preferred name is the name displayed to you and other employees in Workday. For example, if your given name is Robert and you would prefer to be addressed as Bob, you can update your preferred name to reflect this.

1. From your Homepage, select the Personal Information application.

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2. Under the Change section, select the Preferred Name button.
3. Uncheck the Use Legal Name as Preferred Name box.

Note: If you are not able to edit the other fields listed below, you need to uncheck this box.

4. Select your preferred:
  • Prefix – Mr., Mrs., or other choice
  • First Name
  • Middle Name
  • Last Name
5. When you are satisfied with your changes, select the Submit button

You have successfully changed your preferred name.



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