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How can I troubleshoot my wireless connection problem?

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Article SummaryIf you cannot connect to wireless on campus, try some simple troubleshooting such as try another device, check your network account is OK, and do all your Windows updates.
If you are on campus and cannot connect to wireless, even after following the setup steps (How do I connect to wireless at Algonquin College?), try the following troubleshooting steps:
  • Verify that the wireless network configuration is correct (go back through the setup steps).
  • Verify the wireless network is working  - can you see it on your device? Can the person next to you use wireless?
  • Verify your network account is OK - log  into a device connected to the college network using your network account to confirm it works; use a wired network connection if you need to.
  • Verify your device has all updates and patches installed - To check if you have the most up to date patches, see How can I tell if my Windows is up to date?
If you check all of these and still cannot connect, or you have problems with any of these steps, please contact ITS for assistance - How can I contact ITS?



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