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As faculty, how do I import grades into ACSIS?

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Article SummaryUse the new Import Grades wizard to import grades from a CSV file.
This article is intended for faculty.
The import upgrade to ACSIS Grade Entry allows you to import grades from a comma separated file, instead of entering grades by hand. Grades can be imported as either a Letter grade (i.e. A, B+, C-, etc.) or a Percentage grade (i.e. 68, 72.5, 85, etc.).

For videos on how to import grades in ACSIS, see the LTS Faculty Survival Guide website.

To import grade data from an external source into ACSIS

  1. Export grade data from your external system (Brightspace, Excel, etc.) into a text file in CSV format. For proper CSV format, see When importing grades from a CSV file into ACSIS, what is a valid CSV file?
  2. Log into the Staff web site in ACSIS and go to the Grade Entry screen.
  3. Select the term and course section matching the data to import, and click Import Grades.
Note: The Import Grades button is only shown on the Grade Entry screen when there is at least one student listed in the Student Grades table.
  1. Click Browse to select the local CSV file that has the grades for this course.
  2. A File Upload dialog box will open. Select the file to upload and click Open.
  3. Select Next.
  4. You will now be prompted to tell the system which columns have the student number, letter grade, and percentage grade data.
Note: There are options for My data has no letter grades and My data has no percentage grades. Select these if they apply to your file. However, you must include at least one format of grade.
  1. Check the box My data has a heading row if this applies to your file.
Note: At any time on this screen you can select Cancel to exit the process, or select Back to return to the previous screen.
  1. When done, select Next. If you have problems with this screen, see I can't import grades into ACSIS, what can I do?
Note: If there are problems with the data selected on this screen, an error message will be displayed to allow you to fix the problem.
  1. The final screen allows you to review the grades that were imported, and read any data import notes generated by the system. If there are any problems, select Back to return to the previous screen and change your settings or select Cancel to exit the wizard without saving the imported grades.
  2. Select Finish to start the importing process and save the imported grades in ACSIS.
  3. Once the grades have been imported into ACSIS a message will be displayed at the bottom of the Grade Entry page. Possible messages will indicate:
    • If the import was able to match students, the import was successful.
    • If there were extra rows with students that are not in your class, this will be a message with a link to a list of those students.
    • If the system was not able to match at least one student from the file to your class, an error message stating that will be displayed in the same place.
You have successfully imported your grades into ACSIS!

Note: If you manually change a percent grade in ACSIS, the letter grade will not update unless you remove the old one before saving. Also you must manually save any manual changes to grades or the changes will be lost.

If you have any problems, see I can't import grades into ACSIS, what can I do?
If you continue to have problems, contact ITS for help - How can I contact ITS?



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