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Why can I not log into my student ACSIS account?

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Article SummaryIt is likely that you registered less than 24 hours ago and your account has not been created, or you have too many bad login attempts.
There are 2 main reasons why you may not be able to access your ACSIS account when you are a current student:
  • Too many bad login attempts - If you try to login with the wrong password 5 or more times, you will be locked out of your ACSIS account for 15 minutes. It will be available after that time (if there are no additional bad login attempts). This is a security feature.
  • Just registered - If you registered for your courses within the last 24 hours, your account will not be active yet. Wait for at least 24 hours from when you registered and try again.
If you continue to have problems, contact the Registrar's Office - Where is the Registrar's Office? - to confirm your ACSIS account information is correct and up to date.

For all other cases, you can use the password reset feature to recover your correct ACSIS password. For more, see How do I change my ACSIS password?

Note: Your ACSIS account is not your network account. They have different usernames and passwords. 

Note: When contacting either the Registrar's Office or ITS about your ACSIS or network accounts, you will be required to prove your identity.



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