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Who can use ​​Continuing Education (CE) network accounts?

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Article SummaryApplies to students, faculty, and staff at all campuses.
These temporary network accounts are intended for continuing education (CE) students or corporate training students who do not have a College network account, but need network access for a brief period.

Temporary accounts are labelled for the campus where they are to be used.
Contact your instructor to obtain a temporary network account & password if it is required.

If you are an instructor, contact CCOL (at ext.3330) for help with CE accounts or contact ITS for more information about network accounts in general - How to contact ITS.

Note: These accounts are not intended for cell phone use. If detected, you will be locked out of the college network.
Note: If you are a visitor on campus and not a CE student, do not use CE accounts! You should connect to the visitor's ACGuest wireless network on campus. For help, see I am a guest on campus, how do I connect to the wireless network?



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