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What is the difference between Kivuto and My Desktop?

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Article Summary
Kivuto and My Desktop are two different methods you can use to access software for school courses. However, there are some key differences in how you access the software. 

Kivuto is some of the software behind the Digital Resources Portal that allows you to download and install software available for your BYOD courses. For more information, see What is a BYOD program?
The software you download from here is your software that you install on a computer (and use on that computer anytime you like) and have a license.

MyDesktop provides access to all the software required for your BYOD classes, and even some software that may not be available through the Digital Resources Portal. The best part is - you do not need to download and install the software onto your own computer.

MyDesktop is a virtual computer system that you connect to via the network or Internet. The main benefit of MyDesktop is that you don't need to download and install the software. Installing can take a long time and sometimes be complex. Also if your computer has problems like viruses or malware this can prevent you from using your installed software.
Another benefit of MyDesktop is that you can access it from anywhere, not just your own computer. This means you can use it in class, in labs, at home or elsewhere with an Internet connection.
The small downsides of MyDesktop are that you don't have your own copy of the software (nothing to fall back to if you can't reach MyDesktop), and you need an Internet connection to the College to access the service. For more information, see What is MyDesktop?

We recommend installing the software on your laptop, but use MyDesktop when possible. This way you have both options available to you when you need them.



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