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What is PaperCut?

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Article SummaryPaperCut is print and copy output management software.
PaperCut MF is the print and copier management solution for Multi-Function Devices (MFDs).

It allows users to print from any computer on the network to any printer. You simply swipe your staff or student ID card at the printer you wish to print at, and the queue releases your print job to that printer.

This has the benefits of:
  • ensuring print privacy of sensitive materials
  • allow flexibility - you can print to any printer, not just a specific installed one on your computer
  • greatly reducing wasted printing from multiple copies of the same print job
You can even send your print job from off campus (using VPN and the web print portal) and then print your document on campus when you arrive. For more, see How do I use web printing at the college?

Before printing to a college printer, you need to have the PaperCut software installed on your computer. For the steps to get and install PaperCut, see How do I get and install PaperCut?




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