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What is MyDesktop?

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Article SummaryMyDesktop is a VDI that allows an enrolled student or staff member to use college software without installing it on a personal computer.
This article is intended for all staff and students at all campuses.
MyDesktop is a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) that allows you to connect to a virtual computer that has college software installed. The benefit of MyDesktop is that you always have access to the software you need for your classes without installing it.

The URL to connect to MyDesktop is . The simplest method is to connect to MyDesktop using your web browser – How do I connect to MyDesktop using my web browser?
Alternately, a more fully functional method is to install the VMware Horizon View Client on your computer - MyDesktop doesn't work with my browser. What are my alternatives?  

MyDesktop Virtual Labs (VDI) can be accessed from different devices and different Operation Systems (Windows, MAC, Android, iOS) from the college network or from home.

How do I use MyDesktop once I am logged in?

After you log in you to MyDesktop you will see a screen with different options (virtual labs) each contain different applications and are useful for different areas of study. For example Tech Writer students will use Techwriter or Business and Office and Legal Students will use Office and Legal Virtual Lab.
Once you select Virtual Lab, it is as if you are using your normal computer

Note: To use MyDesktop off campus, you need a secure connection - How do I connect to VPN??



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