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What can I see with the Pay application in Workday?

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The Pay application allows you to see your pay, direct deposit information, current and past payslips, and other pay related information.
From your homepage, select the Pay application.
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On the pay dashboard you will see two sections – Actions, View, and Payslips. Note: Depending on your role, you may see more options than are listed here.
Under actions, you will see:
  • Withholding Elections – This allows you to see the instructions you have on file for withholding federal and provincial tax from your pay. If you select Update, you can change the information on file in the system. Caution! You will need your tax information to complete the online form.
  • Payment Elections – This displays how you will receive each type of pay (payroll and expense) and any related banking information required. On this screen you can change your election, and account information.
Under View, you will see:
  • Payslips – See a list of your payslips on one page including pay period dates, payment date, gross and net amounts, and the option to print your payslip. Note: If you choose to print a payslip, it will be processed and sent to your Workday notifications.
  • Timesheets – See a list of your timesheets on record including Timesheet type, status, last updated, period start and end dates, and total hours worked.
  • Total rewards – This displays your compensation. Note: If you do not have a total compensation template, you cannot use this feature.
  • Bonus & One-Time Payment History – See a list of bonus payments and one-time payments including the effective date, position, amount, and type of currency paid.
  • My Tax documents – See how your year-end tax documents will be sent to you either by paper, electronic, or both. You can select Edit to change your selection.
Reimbursable Allowance Plan Activity Not used at the college– Already covered in first bullet Remember for more information on any of these screens and related decisions, Talk to your manager.



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