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What can I do in the Expenses application in Workday?

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Article Summary
The Expenses application is where all tasks and actions related to expenses are located. 
When you select the Expenses application from your homepage, you go to the Expenses dashboard. 
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This screen is divided into two lists of things you can do – Actions and View.

Under Actions you can select:
  • Create Expense Report When you incur job related expenses, you will create and submit an expense report. Manager will review and approve it, and any personally incurred costs (i.e. Not paid by corporate travel or P Card) will be reimbursed by direct deposit.  Expense reports are used to record travel expenses and to code P-Card expenses. 
Guides related to creating Expense Reports: 
  • Create Spend Authorization –A  Spend Authorization is required when traveling and the total cost of the trip will exceed $250 Note: Travel between Algonquin campuses does not need a spend authorization. 
Guide related to creating a Spend Authorization:
  • Copy existing Expense Report - If your expenses are like a previous report submitted, you can copy it to save time. 
Article related to copying an existing Expense Report: 
  • Edit Expense Report - After you create and submit your expense report, use this button to edit your report when need to make either requested changes or other updates. 
Article related to editing an expense report: 




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