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My college network password has expired. How do I reset it?

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Article SummaryYou can change your password on campus at any networked computer, or use the LiveAC email portal and SSPR (students only).
This article is for both staff and students.
If you are Algonquin College staff, faculty, or student and your college network password has already expired, you can change your password by logging into a college domain computer which is connected to the network with a network cable. These are any computers in labs or classrooms, or in staff offices. Note: Laptops normally use wifi, which won't work - they must use a cable to plug into the network.

To change your network password when logging into a College computer connected with a network cable:

  1. At the login screen, press CTRL-ALT-DEL.
  2. Log in as you would normally using your current (expired) password.
  3. You will be prompted to change your password. Enter your old password, then enter your new password twice.
  4. Click OK.

In a few seconds you will be able to login as normal using your new password.

If your password has not expired yet, you can reset your password with LiveAC email portal and SSPR - How do I reset my email, network, or LMS password using the LiveAC website (SSPR)?

If these methods do not work, contact ITS - How to contact ITS.

Note: No matter if you or ITS resets your password, you can only change it once in a 24 hour period.



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