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I am at Perth or Pembroke. How do I connect to my network (N drive) shared storage on campus?

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Article SummaryHow to connect to your N drive at Perth or Pembroke.

If you are working from home or off-campus, you need a secure VPN connection before completing these steps. For more information, see VPN Help

On Perth campus, students and staff use the following address to connect to the network storage.

  • Perth students use \\perthshare\students$\<username>
  • Perth staff use \\perthshare\staff$\<username>

On Pembroke campus, students and staff use the following address:

In the above examples, replace <username> with your user name. For example if your name is Pat Smith and you are staff, then you would use \\perthshare\staff$\smithp.

For more information, see How do I connect to my N drive?

If you need assistance, contact ITS - How to contact ITS




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