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How do I access my email?

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Article SummaryLiveAC is the Algonquin College student email portal. Access your email with MS Office 365 using your Algonquin email address and password.

Email at Algonquin College is hosted through Microsoft’s Office 365 suite, an online version of the Office Suite hosted by Microsoft. For more information, see What is Office 365?

To log into Office 365

  • Go to and enter your email address and password. This is the same for both staff and students.

  • What is my college email address?
    • Student email address is <AC Network ID> For example, if your AC student network username is smit0123, your email address is .
    • Staff email address is <AC Network ID> For example, if your AC staff network username is smithp6, your email address is .

In general, Algonquin staff and students are expected to use the college's email system when communicating with peers and faculty. Knowing how to check your Office 365 account and connect with others on a day-to-day basis is very important to your success at Algonquin.

Some common email tasks include:


Since your Algonquin email is hosted on the Office365 platform, you are entitled to certain benefits provided by Microsoft:

For more information or to sign in, go to your Algonquin Live portal.



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