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Why is my student Blackboard account not working?

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Article SummaryWhat to do when a student Blackboard account appears to be disabled.
This article is intended for full-time and part-time students at all campuses in the Ottawa Valley.
Ensure you are using the correct password. If your username or password is incorrect, the following message will be displayed -  Could not login. Valid authentication credentials were not provided. Confirm your correct credentials before attempting to login again. For more information, see How can students find their Blackboard username?

Note: For other Blackboard problems you may experience, first check that Blackboard is not experiencing an outage. ITS communicates this information using emails to staff and students directly, Tweets on the Algonquin ITS Twitter account, and updates to the Outages and alerts page on the ITS website. You can also stop by the ITS Service Desk to ask.
  • Does your AC Network account work with other services? It is possible your network account is locked out. If it is, you will not be able to log onto Wifi, LiveAC (student email), or other college services (ACSIS is different).
  • Do you use a DNS service to get around geographic browsing restrictions? If you do, this can cause problems with many college services as it appears you are outside the college instead of connected to the on campus network. For help with this issue, see Why am I unable to access Blackboard or while connected to the college network?
  • Are your courses on-campus, online, or corporate training? If they are online (section 800 courses as shown in your timetable on ACSIS) or Corporate Training, you use a different Blackboard. For more information, see the following article - I am enrolled in an online or distance education course, and Blackboard isn't working. What can I do? or What is Corporate Training Blackboard?
  • Check for outages - Check the Blackboard website (, the ITS website (, and the ITS Twitter feed ( for news about any outages or work being done on Blackboard systems.
  • Have you recently registered (within the last 72 hours)? If so, the Blackboard background process has not run yet, and you have to wait the full 72 business hours from time of registration before your account will be fully activated. Note: Your Blackboard account will a day longer to activate than your network account.
  • ​Are you connected to the Internet? You must be connected to the Internet to use Blackboard if you are off-campus, such as at home. Try going to other non-college websites to confirm this.
  • Contact your instructor. They may be having problems with their course in Blackboard. Also if their whole class they can access advanced Blackboard help for faculty.
  • Are you currently enrolled in a class? Your account is deactivated after your term ends and you are no longer paying the IT Fee (see What is the IT Fee?). Note that on co-op you are still paying fees and your Blackboard account is not deactivated during this time.
  • Tried all that and still not working? If you are registered in a course for the current semester AND you have paid all fees more than 72 business hours ago, you need to contact the Registrar's Office - Where is the Registrar's Office at Woodroffe campus?

You can do some additional troubleshooting that may help locate the problem.

  • Are all your classes having the same problem? For example, can you see your grades for all your classes? If the problems are only with one class, your teacher may need to fix something in Blackboard for that class or you may need to see the Registrar's Office if its a bigger problem than that.

  • Do your classmates have the same problem? If everyone in your class has the problem but other students don't, again it is likely either something the teacher can look into or something the Registrar will investigate.
Note: ITS can only help you log into Blackboard. If you have problems with your classes, you need to contact your instructor for help. Instructors who need help can contact Blackboard Help - How do I contact Blackboard support at Algonquin College?



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