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Why is my network jack in my room not working?

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Article SummaryMultiple devices connected or a broken jack are the most common reasons for this problem.
This article is intended for students in residence at woodroffe campus.

To troubleshoot a network jack in residence that is not working

Is there any broken parts visible on your network jack?
If there is a broken cover, wires hanging out or other obvious problems, then the problem is likely your network jack. Contact ITS to fix the jack - How to contact ITS When contacting ITS please provide:
  • your room number,
  • the side of the room the network jack is on, y
  • our network user name and
  • the MAC address of the phone in your room - What is a MAC address?
Has anything changed lately with your computer or network devices configuration?
Check if anything changed recently on your computer such as Windows updates, new hardware installed, or other changes. These may result in your computer not being able to reach the network. Check the ITS Help Centre for help with troubleshooting, or contact the ITS Service Desk for paid tech service to diagnose and fix the issue. For more information on this paid service, see What are the prices for ITS tech services?

If you don't know of anything that changed recently, and your network jack appears to be in good working order then it is likely your network access was turned off for one of the following reasons:
  • If the system detects you connecting more than one device to your telephone, it will shut off the network jack. This includes routers, wireless routers, game consoles, or hot spots. If you disconnect the problem device(s), your jack should be operational again within a couple hours. If not, contact ITS to resolve this issue. For more info, see How do I set up a wireless router on campus?
  • A slightly different version of the above reason is if you have devices connecting to your computer in your room (such as phone, table, assistive devices), the network will see this as a router or hot spot and shut off the network jack.
  • If a program on your computer is doing a port scan, your network jack will be shut down. This may come from legitimate software (such as antivirus software) or possibly a virus trying to attack the network. For more information, see What is port scanning?
  • If a virus is detected, or your computer is spamming the network then your network jack will be shut down to protect the network from the virus. For more information, see How can students protect their computers from viruses?
For other possible causes, see My network access in residence is really slow. What is wrong?

If the problem is not a virus and not a router, if you unplug your computer, your network jack should come back online in about 15 minutes or so. However, If the problem does continue your network jack will be turned off again and again each time for longer periods of time.

For any of these situations, contact ITS for assistance - How to contact ITS.



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