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Why does my computer work at the service desk and not in my room in residence?

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Article SummaryCampus and residence networks have some differences.
If your computer behaves differently in residence than on campus, something is different or changed. The network in residence is configured differently from the on campus network, and this is likely the reason.

There are different descriptions of "not working" that have different possible causes:
  • "This application won't work." - Some applications are blocked on the college and residence networks. Usually these applications are not related to school work, and they use up the network (for example file sharing, torrents). Different applications are blocked on campus than in residence.
  • "This application is slow." - Same idea as above, but some applications are given limited bandwidth on the college network so they do not use up all the bandwidth.
  • "Nothing on my computer can connect over the internet." - This may be due to incorrect network settings on your computer (not the case if the computer works on campus), but this is usually caused by your residence room network jack being turned off by the system for some reason. For more information on this, see Why is my network jack in my room not working? or Are there legitimate applications that may cause residence room network outage?
  • "No devices in my room can connect over the internet." - The network jack is offline, see see Why is my network jack in my room not working?
If you contact the ITS Service Desk about this issue, make sure you clearly state which one of these situations applies to you so the technician can better assist you. They may ask you to bring your computer to the Service Desk to troubleshoot the issue using any change in the problem to help solve it.

Note: If you call from your room in residence, have your information ready including room number, which side of the room you are on, if you are connected to the jack/phone/Aruba hub, and the MAC address of your phone (see What is a MAC address? Having this information ready will help us solve your issue faster.




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