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Where can students get training on computers and software at Algonquin College?

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Article SummaryThis article describes student options for help with software and computers.
This article is intended for students at all campuses.

The ITS Service Desk can assist you with installing, configuring, or troubleshooting your software. 
However, ITS will not do your homework for you, and ITS does not provide training on software.

For assistance in learning specific software there are a few options available:

  • check the help feature built into the software - usually this can be accessed by the F1 key, or a button on a toolbar at the top of your screen
  • check the college or public library for books on the software
  • check for tutorials on that software - both staff and students have free access to
  • talk to your instructor or classmates - if you are taking a class that requires a computer program they will be able to help
  • take a course - online or on-campus courses on specific software will provide the help you need to learn new software
  • contact a computer coach for help
  • contact the Student's Association to book help with a tutor
  • check with CSD (if you have a disability) or First to Attend College - you may qualify for tutoring or other assistance.

As a last resort, you can always do a Google search or look on YouTube for a video. However be careful as these methods may result in non-authentic results that may include malware that can harm your computer. If in doubt, always go to the software manufacturer.




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