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Where can I get help for issues ITS doesn't support?

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Article SummaryThis article is intended for all staff, faculty, and students at all campuses.
In the article What are my responsibilities when I am visiting the ITS service desk? there is a list of issues that ITS does not support. The table below lists these issues and were you can go for help with them.
Where to get help for unsupported IT issues
IssueWhere you can get help
You need someone to teach you applications and their features. For example you need to learn about Microsoft Office 2013.As a student you have free access to For help see Where can students get training on computers and software at Algonquin College?
You want to install non-legal copies of software.No professional service will help you copy or install illegal software. However, as a student you have access to many free or inexpensive software titles. For more information, see  What software do students get for free? and Where can I get free anti-virus and anti-spyware software for Windows?
You need help to burn CDs to copy software or other copyrighted material.
You need help you with your homework.The college has a Peer tutoring service that can help you. They are located in C102.
You need help to backup data on your personal, college owned or other computing device.There are ITS Help Centre articles to help guide you with backups such as How do I backup my data in Windows? If you need more assistance, you can bring your computer to the Service Desk and pay for the service, see - What are the prices for ITS tech services?
You need help to support your personally owned computing device (except to connect to the college network or install college software). For example, a device is slow and freezing frequently.There are ITS Help Centre articles to help you with troubleshooting software problems such as How do I fix erorrs when installing Sage Accounting 50? or How can I troubleshoot MyITLab in Windows? or How do I troubleshoot a printer not detected by Windows?
If you need hardware assistance, you can pay to bring you computer to C102, for more information see - What are the prices for ITS tech services?.
You need help to fix your BYOD laptop hardware problems.
You need help to support your game console.Contact the support website for your console and/or consult user forums for that console.
If you need more assistance, you can contact the New Technology Store at Connections on Woodroffe campus . Alternately you can go to any computer retail store for the same service.
You need someone to send a technician to your home or residence room.Some computer retail stores have home service, but you need to contact them and inquire if they offer that service and how much they charge.
You need to reset your password without positive identification.You can reset your own password by using MyPass, see How do I reset a password with MyPass?
You can also follow these steps if you are a staff member - My staff password has expired. How do I reset it?
If you are resetting your own password you should know What are Algonquin College's minimum password rules?
Otherwise this can only be done by ITS at the college, and ITS requires positive identification. This prevents people from pretending to be you.



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