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Where can I find student printers that will print over-size and colour?

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Article SummaryThis article has a list of colour and over-size student printers.
Student printers on campus have information on and around them telling you what that printer offers - both types of printing, and other services available such as scanning, and photocopying.

How much does colour and oversized printing cost?

The cost of each type of printing is listed on the printers that have that capability. For example colour printers list colour printing prices.
To a price list of the different print formats, see How much does it cost to print on campus?

How do I know what type of printing a specific printer can do?

There are signs on each printer listing what type of printing it can do, and the costs of each. For example if it can print colour, there will be a sign on the printer saying that.
You can also refer to the attached PDF that shows a map of the college with the printer locations and their functions listed.

Where can I find a student printer on campus?

There are student printers in classrooms, and public or common areas. Some only print black and white, others colour, and some support oversized printing.

Student printers on campus Fall 2017

Click on the PDF attached to this article for a higher resolution list of these printers on campus.

Where can I find a printer that prints colour?

The printers that support colour printing are all Konica Minolta bizhub C368 printers.

Locations of student color printers on campus (campus and room)
Pembroke room 145Perth room 117Woodroffe A158
Woodroffe hallway near A115Woodroffe C205Woodroffe near the Fix Eatery in ACCE
Woodroffe P bldg. silent studyWoodroffe T201Woodroffe CA318b
Woodroffe residence, main lobby

Where can I find a printer that does oversized printing?

The printers that support different sized paper, include the C368 printers above as well as 454e, and 554e models
Locations of printers stocked with oversize paper (in addition to above table)
Woodroffe CA302 printers 1, 2, and 3Woodroffe N 209Woodroffe N205

Note: If you can't find a colour or over-sized printer, you can go to the college Print Shop (located in Connections, the campus store) for those services.

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