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Where are staff Find Me printers located on Woodroffe campus?

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Article SummaryStaff can use these Find Me printing to send your print job to one of many printers across campus, instead of just the printer next to your desk.
The Find Me printer feature allows you to print to the Find Me print queue, and pick up your printing at any Find Me printer on campus within the next 2 hours. After 2 hours, it will be deleted from the queue. One benefit of this is that you can pick up your printing near where you will need, such as for a meeting, instead of carrying it all across campus.
You must first install the FindMe (Virtual) print driver on your computer. For help, see How do I install and use the staff Virtual print queue?

Note: Find Me printers have a sticker on side saying Tap Here.

Use the attached list of printers (PDF file), organized by building, to locate the best printer for you. For each printer, it is listed as the building letter, room number, and the number of the printer in that room, for example B building, room 373, printer 2 is shown as B373-2 in this list.
If the room says HALL, that indicates a large open space that is not a specific room number, for example the A1-HALL is next to the Spa services reception desk in A-Building.
Note: Some printers may have restricted access and restricted hours.
Note: Color printers are indicated in bold and red.

If you need help troubleshooting a staff printing problem, see Why can't I print to a staff printer?




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