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What software do students get for free?

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Article SummaryAll students have access to virtual desktops with the software they need for classes. BYOD students have access to additional software paid for by their fees.
Students at Algonquin College who are enrolled in a BYOD program (formerly called Mobile Computing or MLP) can download Adobe Creative Cloud and specific student Microsoft software at no additional cost. You can view the current BYOD programs here.

To get your software, please go to the Digital Resource portal to start downloading your software. Note: When downloading large files, it will be faster over the wired network - I am downloading large files via wireless and it's really slow. What can I do?

Note: Not all software is available for both Windows and Apple computers. Apple users can install Parallels (What is Parallels Desktop for Mac?) to enable them to run Windows software if needed.

Software available to students includes:

Note: Not all college programs have access to all software.
Note: Unless otherwise stated, most software is a 1 year license. After that time you need to renew the license.

MyDesktop is also available. It is a virtual desktop that enables students to connect to the college to use software that is not on their personal computer. For more information, see - What is MyDesktop? and for an up to date software available see What software is available on MyDesktop?

For help with student software, see Student Online Software Resources.

For additional assistance, contact ITS - How to contact ITS. Note: ITS will not teach or coach you in software you use for a specific class. For coaching, see peer tutoring.



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