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What is the difference between FindMe and direct printing?

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Article SummaryFindMe printing allows you to tap and get your printing on any FindMe printer on campus. Direct printing prints to one printer without tapping to pick it up.
Algonquin College printing is managed by the PaperCut application to track the cost and manage print jobs. For more, see What is PaperCut?

There are now two ways for staff to access printers - FindMe print queue and Direct print queue.

Note: When you use the web print portal (How do staff use college web printing?), you will be sending your print jobs to either FindMe or direct printers, but you do not need to have papercut or the print queues installed on your computer to print.

FindMe print queue

The FindMe printer feature allows you to print your document to a virtual print queue and pick up your printing at any FindMe printer on campus. You can pick up your printing where it is convenient for you anytime within 2 hours from when you sent the print job. This means you install 1 print queue (the FindMe queue) on your computer instead of multiple print queues for each direct printer you want to use.
Note: When you use this feature and tap at the printer to print your job, it will print all your print jobs that are waiting to be printed. For steps to install the FineMe print queue on your computer, see How do I install and use the staff Virtual print queue?.

FindMe print Tips

  • If you are printing confidential information, use FindMe print to ensure nobody sees it or takes it before you get there.
  • You are charged for the print job when you tap to release it, not when you send it.
  • If you do not print your job within 2 hours, it will be deleted from the print queue.
  • You can see what FindMe printers are available in which areas in PaperCut - How do I use PaperCut?.
  • If you can't remember if you sent a print job, you can check the Jobs Pending in PaperCut - How do I use PaperCut?.

Direct print queue

Direct printing is the traditional printing method - install a driver for each printer you want to use, and you send your print job to a specific printer. Direct printers do not require you to tap to release your print job. The downside of this method is that you need to install each printer that you plan on using, which can get confusing if you print to many printers. For steps to install the direct printer queues on your computer, see How do I install and use the staff Direct print queues?.


  • With direct printers, when you send your print job you are charged for it at that time.
  • If you want to be sure which printer you sent your document to, you can check PaperCut for your print job history.

If you need to install Papercut, see How do I install the Papercut app on my Windows computer?



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