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What is the IT Fee?

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Article SummaryThe IT Fee pays for student network account, student email, and student printing among other things.
This article is intended for students at all campuses.
The Information Technology (IT) Fee is an agreement between the college Information Technology Services (ITS) department and the Students Association. It is a small fee students pay each term with their tuition to offset costs for the college computer services, including helping pay for the college computer network, 93 computer labs, basic printing and other computer related services on campus.

The Information Technology Fee (IT Fee) is an agreement between ITS and the Students’ Association. The fee size and services provided are under review.

At Algonquin College, each course or program is flagged for whether it requires computers. If your course does need computers, the IT Fee is mandatory. If your course does not, you do not pay the IT Fee with your tuition, but you may still opt-in to have access to the computer services by visiting your registrar office and paying the fee. If you decide to opt-in, see How do I opt-in to the IT Fee?

To check if you have paid the IT Fee, go to the Algonquin College website page for your program, which lists all fees associated with the program including the IT Fee. You can also talk to your program coordinator.

Eligible students will receive:
  • a College network account which provides access to 250 megabytes of storage,
  • a personal email address with 50 gigabytes of mail storage,
  • Internet access,
  • some technical support for college related issues,
  • unlimited use of the Access Labs, and
  • 1,000 pages per term of printing in the Access Labs.

As of 2016/17, the IT Fee is:
  • $87.72 per semester for full time students, 
  • $0.87 per course hour to a maximum of $86.00 per term for part-time program students, and
  • $35.00 per term for Continuing Education (CE) students when registered in courses requiring IT access.
These fees will increase 2% per year at the start of the Fall semester starting in 2015.

For current fees, IT Fee and others, see the Registrar's Office website.
For the IT Fees paid by online learning courses, see the Centre for Continuing & Online Learning.

Note: If you do not pay the IT Fee as part of your tuition, you do not have access to these services.

For further information, see the Memorandum of Understanding IT FEES. (Note: Current fees are not reflected in this MOU.)





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