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What is the Aruba wireless access point in my residence room?

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Article SummaryThe Aruba wifi access point (AP) is a small white box on the wall connected to your Cisco phone and your computer. It also provides wireless access in your room.
In residence, half of the rooms have an Aruba wireless network Access Point mounted on the wall. This is where you plug in your phone, and any devices that need a wired network connection.

For help connecting your telephone in your room, see How do I connect the telephone in my room in residence?
For help connecting other devices in your room, see How do I connect my laptop or other device to the network in my residence room?

Information about your Aruba wireless access point (AP)

Aruba wireless AP
The parts of the Access Point (AP) include:
1 - These two LED lights show the status of the device. If these are off or solid red, there is an issue.
2 - The power connector for the AP
3 - The USB slot is disabled.

For more information on the power and status LED meanings, see the attached PDF.

On the bottom of the device are 4 network ports as shown in this image.
Aruba wireless access point bottom view
E0 - Is not used and is disabled
E1 and E2 - Connect your computer, laptop, game console or other devices.
E3 - Connect your Cisco telephone


If you have problems with your Aruba wifi AP, try the following:
  • Check the PDF for the state of the power and connection, if they are normal the Aruba AP is functioning normally.
  • If the lights are not normal, disconnect the power supply from the Aruba AP wait for at least 20 seconds before reconnecting the power. Wait for the device to restart after which time the lights should be normal.
  • If the lights are normal, unplug and re-plug the network cables connecting your device on both ends to ensure it is properly plugged in. Test your device after this to ensure it is working as expected.

If this troubleshooting does not work, contact ITS for assistance - How to contact ITS. When you contact ITS please be prepared to provide your:

  • network user name,
  • room number,
  • if you are plugged into the network jack or the Aruba wireless AP, and
  • your phone's MAC address - What is a MAC address?



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