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What is Clockwork?

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Article SummaryThis article explains the Clockwork Database Scheduler used by CAL at the College.
This article is intended for all staff, faculty, and students at all campuses.
ClockWork at Algonquin College is the back-end for the Student Employment Centre, Counselling, and Centre for Accessible Learning (CAL, formerly CSD). Clockwork assists with accommodation letters, test/exam bookings, and  it is used by Student Support Services, and Employment Services to book appointments.

The Clockwork Database Scheduler is a complete scheduling and data management software solution designed to meet the specialized needs of  student service departments in Universities and Colleges.

Accommodation Letters

For departments that issue accommodation letters, the Accommodation letter interface in ClockWork provides a very simple and a quick method of generating letters. Staff can easily edit accommodation letter templates using the built-in template system. These templates are easily customizable and can include special codes that can generate data automatically for the approved accommodation types, email signatures of advisors, contact information, and other student information.

Test and exam booking

The Test and Exam administrative module is a full management interface for staff that allows scheduling of new exams, scheduling of proctors, room re-assignments, grouping, exporting and generating documents, and emailing functionality. ClockWork gives you full control over the test booking process but also provides assistance by automating common functionality and providing easy access to data.

Note: The deadline to book assistance with a test is 1 week before the test. For final exams, the deadline is 2 weeks before final exams start.

To access these services as a student, go to or see How does a CAL student use Clockwork to print their accommodation letter?.

For more information about Clockwork, see the Clockwork website.



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