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What are the prices for ITS tech services?

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Article SummaryThere is a $50 diagnostic fee, minimum. Fee is waived if you choose to have additional work done.
We are your No Charge Warrantee specialists!
Bring us your Toshiba, HP, Lenovo, Apple, Fujitsu, Eurocom, and some ASUS devices. Note: This does not cover software, OS, data backup or recovery - see below for costs for those services.

There is no guaranteed time on repairs. This is due to various factors such as how many repairs are ahead of yours, if we have to wait for parts, and staffing. You can be assured we will do our best to complete your work in a timely fashion, with our technician contacting you when work has been completed.

This list of fees is also available at the ITS Service Desk - Where are the ITS Service Desk locations?
Note: The prices below are before tax and do not include parts or required software purchases.

Service & Price for labour


Diagnostic Fee - $50  Fee to diagnose your system and determine a detailed list of work and parts that are required. This fee is for non-warantee hardware. Note: The fee is waived if you have at least $50 of other work done. For more information about the diagnostic fee, see When I drop off my laptop for service what are the Terms of Service agreement?
New Computer Setup - $120  Initial setup of user(s), optimization/bundled software removal, warranty registration, create recovery discs (user supplied media) and the setup of one user supplied piece of software. There is a discount to install ESET if it is the chosen software.
BYOD install Windows on MAC - $60  Can be used to install Windows using either Bootcamp or if purchased concurrently with service, Parallels. Note: Product key must be provided by customer.
Virus Removal - $99  This includes fixing problems brought on by removing viruses unless damage is so extensive that the OS is beyond repair.
Factory Restore - $100  Reset your system to factory settings with your personal data transferred from a good drive. Note: There are extra charges for poor/failing drives.
OS install & data transfer - $120  Operating System (OS) install with drivers & updates, personal data transfer from good drive. Note: There are extra charges for poor or failing drives.
Data recovery attempt - $80  Data recovery is not guaranteed, and is only applicable to a physically accessible hard drive.
General Service Fees -  $50Diagnostic fee for non-warrantee hardware. The fee is waived if additional work is done.
  • $80 – First incident general service fees
  • $80 – 60 minutes of additional labour
  • $60 – 45 minutes of additional labour
  • $40 – 30 minutes of additional labour
  • $20 – 15 minutes of additional labour  



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