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There is no wireless at 255 Albert - what can I do?

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Article SummaryThis article is intended for faculty and staff at 255 Albert street in Ottawa.
If you are at the Algonquin College classes located at 255 Albert Street in Ottawa, follow these steps to troubleshoot wireless.
Caution! Do not touch any equipment in the wireless closet!

To troubleshoot wireless at 255 Albert

  1. Ensure wireless is turned on for this laptop. There is normally a small slider switch on the edge of the laptop to enable wireless and a lighted wireless icon to show it is enabled.
  2. Update your wireless device drivers, see Can system updates affect my wireless connection?
  3. Update your operating system, see How can I tell if my Windows is up to date?
  4. Ensure your firewall is allowing wireless traffic, see What are the minimum requirements to connect to the Algonquin wireless network?
  5. If you have checked all these steps without success, check another laptop in each room using the same steps to see if it also has wireless connection issues. If, so it is a wireless outage.
  6. Contact Algonquin College ITS at Woodroffe campus (How to contact ITS) to report the outage, and provide the following information:
    • your name and contact information (you will be the contact person for this issue),
    • all the above steps that you tried and what the results were for each step,
    • that you have tried laptops in each classroom and the results of each, and
    • when the outage started, and if you noticed any event(s) that may have caused it.
  7. ITS will send a technician to your location to resolve the issue.



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