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I am a student and the printer messed up my printing. What can I do?

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Article SummaryWhat to do when a student printer messes up your print job for students at Woodroffe.
Did the printer malfunction and your printing came out with toner problems (too much or too light), or the printer chewed up the paper, or otherwise damaged your printing?

If so, you can come to the Card Services office (E120) to have only those pages that were spoiled refunded back onto your account. When you come to Card Services for assistance, please have the following ready:
  • your student number and/or username,
  • the printing that was affected,
  • which printer you were using / lab you were in,
  • when it happened.

Note: This does not cover user accidents such as printing the wrong document, printing too many copies, spilling a drink on your printing, or leaving your computer on when someone else used your account.

For help with Card Services, see their webpage.

For more help with student printing see:



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