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The Revolabs FLX phone in a boardroom isn't working. How can I troubleshoot it?

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Article SummaryHow to troubleshoot omni-directional microphones or the speaker unit.
Revolabs FLX (or Flex) 2 phones are used in conference rooms at Algonquin college for voice communications during meetings. For help, see What are RevoLab "Flex" phones?

For help setting up the Revolabs for a conference call, see How do I use Revolabs FLX 2 VoIP conference phones?  Note: Most boardrooms have a quick start sheet next to the charging unit to help you.

Some common issues include the microphone or speaker not working.

Issue: Microphone(s) are not picking up sounds at all

  • Ensure the mute button is not set to mute, and the light on the microphone is blinking green
  • Ensure the microphones are charged, and there is a light on the microphone. If not, return to the charging station to charge it.
  • Microphone(s) may not be paired with the unit. See the following YouTube video from Revolabs on how to pair everything to the base unit.


Issue: There is no sound from the speaker.

  • Ensure the speaker is charged and has light(s) on it. If not, return it to the base for charging.
  • Ensure all devices connecting to the speaker have their volume set to 50%.
  • Ensure the speaker is paired with the other parts. Refer to the video above for how to pair them.

Note: Before leaving the meeting, ensure all parts of the Revolabs phone are placed on the charger.

For quick steps to help use the FLX 2 phones, see the attached Quick Guide PDF.

If you continue to have issues, contact ITS for assistance - How can I contact ITS?



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