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My eTextbook is ordered, but not showing up. What can I do?

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Article SummaryYou need to log into your Texidium app to download your eTextbooks to your device.
If your eTextbooks are ordered, you are almost done!

To get ordered eTextbooks

    • From  the Digital Resource Order page, click on the "Read your text"
    • Get a Texidium account the first time you do this. Your etext is now loaded to the cloud reader.
    • Get the Texidium eReader for your device. For help, see How do I download Texidium apps?
    • It will prompt you for your Texidium account information.Use  the information from step 2 here
    • Once you log into your Texidium account, your eTexts that you loaded to the cloud reader will appear greyed out with a cloud icon on them.
    • Double-click on the eText to download it to your device.
    Once you have downloaded your eText to your device, you do not need to be connected to the internet to read it.
    You can download a copy of your eTextbook to multiple devices - up to 2 computers, and 2 tablets or cell phones.



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