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I don't have a ID card, how can I use the college printers?

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Article SummaryYou can login at college printers with your username instead of tapping your college ID card.
If you don't have your college ID card with you, you can't tap-and-go at the printer to get your printing.
There are a couple steps you can follow to get your printing without tapping your ID card.

Method 1 - Login in at the printer

  1. Any KM FindMe printer with a touch screen will allow you to login with your network username and password. Note: Students can only access student printers.
  2. Follow the prompts to release your job(s).
Note: You may need to log the last person out before logging yourself in. To do this, press the User button.

Method 2 - From your desk

  1. On your computer, after you have printed your document from your application (such as AutoCade or DivorceMate) to the print queue, right-click the Papercut icon ( What is PaperCut? ).
Papercut icon in Windows system tray
  1. Select Details.
  2. When prompted, login with your college network username and password.
  3. In the left-hand menu, select Jobs Pending and select your job to release it. Note: The list will show all jobs sent in the last 2 hours. Jobs are only held in the queue for 2 hours before the jobs are deleted.
  4. Select Print and choose from the list of Find-Me- and Direct printers on campus.
  5. That will release the job directly - you don't have to do anything at the printer - it will start printing right away.
  6. To test this, print a sample 1 page job.
Note: For both of these methods staff must have a budget code, and students need to have print credits or AC cash assigned to your network account. Talk to your manager to have this completed.

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