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I can't login to my college email account. What is going on?

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Article SummaryIt is likely your college email account was locked because it was sending spam. Contact ITS for help.
There are a few common reasons you may not be able to login to your email account.
  • Are you using the correct password? If you can log into the network or other college services, your AC network username and password are working. If not, contact ITS for help with this issue - How can I contact ITS?
  • Are you using a DNS redirect to get around geographical restrictions? DNS redirects or spoofs often cause problems with college services because it appears you are not on campus when you really are. For help with this issue, see Why am I unable to access Blackboard or while connected to the college network?
  • Your email account has been used to send spam - Sadly this happens in spite of everyone's best efforts. In almost all cases this results from you clicking on a bad link or giving your email information to a spammer website. If this happens to you, the following will happen:
    • Your email account will be locked by the college to prevent it from sending spam. For more info, see Why does ITS lock college email accounts that are sending spam?
    • You must run a complete virus scan on your computer, and provide proof that it did not find anything.
    • You must bring your laptop to the ITS Service Desk for ITS staff to help go through your email box to clean it up and fix it.
    • Once all that has been done, your email account will remain locked for 3 to 5 business days.
    • The second time this happens, your college email account will be locked for up to 10 business days.
If you suspect your email account has been locked, call ITS at extension 5555 and they will confirm what is going on and the next steps you should follow.



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