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I can't give my presentation using wireless in the digital boardroom. What can I do?

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Article SummaryThere are some basic troubleshooting steps to check if you cannot connect to the Extron ShareLink device in a digital boardroom.
This article is intended for staff.
If you are attempting to connect the wireless input for a Digital Boardroom, you are connecting to the Sharelink appliance (see What is the Extron ShareLink 200 N?). You need to follow the steps onscreen which are also in the article How do I present using the Extron ShareLink N200?
If you have followed these steps and are still having problems, try the following steps.
  • Is the ShareLink appliance powered on and connected to the network?
    • Go to the panel on the wall near the door and ensure the ON button and the Wireless button are lit.
    • The ShareLink default screen will display on the TV when its ready. Until then, the TV is warming up.
  • Did you enter the IP and information after selecting Manual?
    • On the default ShareLink screen displayed on the TV, you will see the IP address of the ShareLink appliance (for example
    • After you download the ShareLink app onto your laptop or device and run it, you need to select Manual and enter the IP address from the TV to connect.
  • Do you have the correct IP address?
    • Double check your IP address as it is easy to accidentally type the wrong number.
  • Did you enter the code correctly?
    • The code is a 4-digit number in the lower right of the TV screen. It is used to pair your device to the ShareLink.
  • If you are presenting, did you download and install the ShareLink software?
  • Did the presenter enable WebShare?
    • On your device that is sharing video on the TV, you need to go into settings and ensure WebShare is turned on, as shown below.
ShareLink Connecting
  • If WebShare is not selected, other people will not be able to connect and view your presentation on their devices. Note:  It will not affect you displaying your work on the television. 

If you have tried these steps and still cannot connect, contact ITS for assistance - How can I contact ITS?



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